Our core strategy is to achieve capital appreciation through selective privately negotiated acquisitions predominantly in commercial real estate sector.

Brinvestor holds the asset and maximizes its value through active property management with the ultimate goal of realizing the individual property, or portfolio, at a premium.  The portfolio is, and will continue to be, balanced between smaller assets and larger complexes.

The properties of high interest are those located in good geographic areas (stable commercial and community surroundings) and demonstrate high build quality.  Brinvestor also targets the entire German market including the big five German cities (Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne), but also sees potential within ‘B-cities’ (smaller cities with populations over 50,000) offering a considerably better risk/return profile.

For the aforementioned ‘B-locations’, higher yields can be realized due to decreased competition and the resulting value-added potential.  
Brinvestor follows a ten step qualitative screening process which allows the Company to pre-select investments rapidly and efficiently. If any offering fails to meet one of the hurdle rates, the property is rejected and an investment will not take place.